SwiftUI Previews Engineer


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The Xcode, Swift Playgrounds, and SwiftUI teams provide the tools to develop software for Apple's innovative iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS platforms. Because tools are our products, we have the unique and rewarding opportunity to apply personal experience to enhance and augment the tools we use every day. SwiftUI Previews change the way we build apps with immediate visual feedback and rich editing tools, whether in powerful IDEs like Xcode or the light weight and iterative Swift Playgrounds experiences. The SwiftUI Previews team is looking for an engineer who loves to learn to help us take fast, iterative development even further.

Key Qualifications

A love for learning

Strong software engineering fundamentals

Experience and opinions about the way software is engineered, especially in the area of user interfaces

Can demonstrate and articulate how to write clean, maintainable code

Comfortable collaborating across multiple teams


We’re looking for an engineer who loves to sit at the cross section of languages, compilers, frameworks like SwiftUI, and user interface development. SwiftUI Previews touch every part of the system: from the details of the Swift grammar, to build systems, to app development and lifecycle, to design and building beautiful custom UI, to the depths of our operating systems. Working on this team can involve everything from low level programming to high level UI design and interaction. We develop components that are builtin into all of our operating systems, as well as technology and experiences used by Xcode and Swift Playgrounds that uses those operating system components to bring apps to life. This position requires a highly creative and self-motivated individual. We're looking for engineers who love to learn, and love to work with a variety of teams and disciplines to bring the best experience for our developers. You will have the opportunity to affect design decisions not only on developer-facing tools, but also for our frameworks, and for future products across the Apple ecosystem.

Education & Experience

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in computer science or a related field.

Additional Requirements

If possible, provide a portfolio of your work. We love seeing what you've created, software or otherwise.

🇺🇸 Work from Cupertino, CA
over 2 years ago